Wiimote Induction Charger

by | Jul 5, 2011 | Uncategorized

energizer induction charger for wii photo 10So you got a Nintendo Wii for a holiday gift? Very cool but how are you going to play all those hours and keep your Wiimotes charged? No need to keep buying batteries with this smart device.

Energizer makes a sleek, flat panel induction charger to keep those Wii wireless remote controls constantly charged. Plug the device into an outlet and place it flat on a table. Then simply lay the Wiimotes on top of the flat glossy black panel for wireless charging.

A red light signifies a charge is in progress and green means you’re ready to go. My fave feature: this system works with any variation of the controller. You can have the protective condom jacket on, a Nunchuck or Classic Controller plugged in and it will still work. Game on!

$29.99 (charges 2 Wiimotes)
$49.99 (charges 4 Wiimotes)