Michael Garfield

Michael Garfield, The High-Tech Texan

If it beeps or buzzes, goes fast or goes down smooth, Michael has an opinion and a broad audience who depend on him for his expert knowledge and insight.

Now celebrating two decades of success, Michael (and his High-Tech Texan brand) is the go-to resource for many media outlets providing easy-to-understand tips, answers, and recommendations for consumer products. He regularly covers the tech, automobile, travel, food/drink, and lifestyle industries. Based in Houston, he began his career on the local NBC-TV affiliate and continues today with his long-running radio program on KPRC-AM and iHeartRadio, podcasts, local and national TV appearances and social media.

With his dynamic personality, Michael is a sought-after speaker and product spokesman plus host/emcee duties for live events, media tours, and product launches.  Companies such as Microsoft, Energizer, Time Warner, and Toyota have utilized Michael for collabs and partnerships.

Garfield headshot

How It All Started

Michael gained experience in the communications, marketing, and promotion areas with companies like Clear Channel, Microsoft, MCI, Bank One, and ProServ Sports Management. But it was his first job out of college that propelled his drive to evangelize products in front of the masses.

Hired in 1989 as one of the youngest TV Show Hosts on QVC Network, Michael honed his skills as a product pitchman guiding viewers across the nation through products like fine jewelry, hardware, household items, and – of course – electronics.

Michael is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications, Radio-TV-Film. A true Eagle Scout to this day, he works diligently in his community and across the country donating his time and effort for many causes and charities.

Let’s Collab!

Michael is known for his ability to connect with audiences of all sizes.  From in-person speaking engagements to on-air hosting gigs, he motivates and educates on subjects like:

– Building your own brand
– How to “sell” yourself and earn trust
– Creating business partnerships and collabs
– Current and future status of technology