VIDEO: CES 2024 Products

by | Jan 29, 2024 | Technology

22 years at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and I think I’ve seen most everything that is cool, sexy, or life-changing.  Yes I am a bit jaded but that is my job to be selective when it comes to recommending products that aren’t all that.  How many new types of TVs do we need, c’mon?!  This year’s “ooh-and-ahh” TV was a transparent thing with a clear glass front that allows images to magically appear on the glass.  Too expensive and not necessary.  Go to Walmart and get a nice 50″ 4K job for $198.

I did bring back a few things for show-and-tell.  Nothing that will blow your mind but interesting, nonetheless.  I am expecting more things to arrive for testing over the next month including some new grills. Get ready to eat.

As seen on Great Day Houston (CBS):