Unboxing: CouchBed

by | May 3, 2018 | Shop

I’ve tried this before with a bed.  Order it online and then a big box shows up at your door.  Carefully open it, stand back and – voila! – a piece of furniture pops out.  To me that is technology and convenience at its best as I didn’t have to deal with crazy mattress salespeople nor schlep it home on the roof of my car.

CouchBed uses the same business model plus one-half the product of those other “mattresses-in-a-box.”  The other half is a product to use during the day…a couch (the name gave it away, huh?).  With the functionality of two pieces of furniture in one, CouchBed is a cool-gel memory foam mattress that flips into a modern couch in seconds.

The process is sismall Navy Couch Front View 1024x1024mple enough. Choose a twin or queen size, pick one of the five colors (I opted for classic Charcoal) and place your order online.  Within a few days, FedEx delivers a golf bag-sized box with the CouchBed.  Unboxing the product is actually quite fun and most people capture the experience on video for social media.  I must say it pretty amazing when a large, 10″ mattress slowly unfolds and comes to life in front of your eyes.  I suggest placing the unopened box in the room where you plan to put the piece so you don’t have to carry or drag the CouchBed to its resting place in your home.

The upholstery is comfy yet built for durability.  I can see many people using it in playrooms for their kids to sit and jump on while playing video games or hosting sleepovers with friends.  I placed the CouchBed in my home office, which is actually an extra bedroom.  It sets mostly next to a wall as a couch but when guests stay the night…TA DA!!!   It takes just a few seconds to flip the back part of the couch down to form a flat mattress.  My CouchBed has actually become a conversation piece.couchbed stairs

It’s made with 100% CertiPur certified ultra-dense memory foam combined with phase-change material to actively cool the sleeping surface and has a 10-year warranty.

It would make a great addition to a playroom as I noted above but apartments, dorm rooms and man caves would also be smart choices for CouchBed.  My only concern is that the piece sits directly on the floor and is a bit low for a couch.  The company will soon offer a 10″ wooden platform to raise the sitting and sleeping height.

Queen versions currently run $449 and a twin unit is $299.  FedEx shipping is free and there is a 30-day return policy.  I doubt many have been returned, not for the lack of comfort or usefulness, but maybe trying to figure out how to ship it back to the company is a bigger task than receiving the shrink-wrapped product.