Today’s Show: Must-have for college dorms; cell phones rule for school

by | Aug 18, 2012 | Technology

I’m back and better than evah (at least I hope).  Hit me today on iHeartRadio, The 9-5-0 in Houston or right up top of this page with audio and live webcam for The High-Tech Texan Show.

I shared a lot of info on printers and ink a few days ago on Martha Stewart Living Radio (Sirius XM 110) and I will go over that again.  Are All-in-One printers the real deal; how to save on ink and the BEST and CHEAPEST way to print photos.

We just returned from taking our son to college and moving him into his dorm (send money.  #seriously).  I’ve got at least 5 must-have things that a dorm needs (hint: laptop lock).

Also:  mark your calendar as you can start pre-ordering the new iPhone on ________ and the Microsoft’s Surface tablet will be release on ________.

See you 11a-2p CT.