Spot Gps Satellite Messenger

by | Jul 5, 2011 | Uncategorized

spot satellite gpsGPS isn’t only for getting direction. The SPOT Satellite Messenger is the first personal messaging device that just might save your life. Spot incorporates both GPS and commercial satellite technology so no matter where you are it can send help if needed.

Press the Alert 911 button to dispatch emergency responders to your exact location. Other buttons include “Ask For Help” to request help from your family or friends. “Check In” lets your circle of friends/family know where you are and that you are OK.

SPOT is already credited with saving lives and since it floats, is waterproof and works between -40 and 185 degrees. The device is suitable for hurricanes and doesn’t depend on any cellular service.

If you travel frequently or do some extreme vacations, this device is for you.