Save Your Wine Until Another Time

by | Aug 14, 2017 | Food and Drink

Savino all High ResI don’t know about you but I can’t drink an entire bottle of wine by myself.  Beer – yes.  Wine – maybe I can go half a bottle before I decide what to do with the rest.  And I do not like wasting a good bottle of Pinot.

There are several options to save those lonely ounces of red juice.  I could try to recork the bottle or even screw the cap back on.  But those methods sometime seem to leave the leftover wine with an odd taste.  I recently tried the Savino Wine Preservation System and so far the results have kept me from losing one sip.

It’s a resealable container that you can store wine in. Savino is a two part system – the carafe and the float. The float is designed to create a barrier between the wine and the air, is made from BPA-free plastic. The system should keep your wine fresh for up to one week, which is longer than the average 2-4 days for an opened bottle of wine.

Pour the wine into the Savino and then drop the float on top. The disc floats to the top of the wine while a silicone ring around the edges blocks most of the wine’s surface from being exposed to air.

Savino comes in two options – a glass carafe for $49.95 and a plastic carafe for $24.95 which is a nice option for outdoor use.  

A very smart gadget for wine aficionados.  Now if they could only invent one of these for beer.