Review – Satechi BT Media Remote

by | Apr 20, 2012 | Technology

When I’m in my car listening to a playlist, a podcast, or iHeartRadio, I have no control over the app unless I look at my iPhone. And that makes for some seriously distracted driving.  A new small steering-wheel remote makes it easy and safer to control audio playback without having to look at or interact with my iPhone.

The BT Media Remote from Satechi provides a full set of playback controls: play, pause, last track, next track, volume up/down, and mute. There’s also a Home button you can use to activate Siri.  The BT Remote will definitely appeal to photographers, as its volume-up button doubles as a shutter-release button.  So if you’ve got your iPhone mounted on a tripod, you can snap photos without actually having to touch it.

The BT Remote can pair with just about any Bluetooth-equipped Apple device including Mac Minis, MacBooks, iPads and newer iPod Touches.


Satechi BT remote