Review – XShot Camera Extender

by | Jun 20, 2012 | Technology

If you are the photographer, you are seldom in the picture.   If you want in the photo you may not want to trust a stranger with your brand new camera.  Solution: get the XShot camera extender.

The XShot camera extender includes you in the pictures that you take.  No more awkward photos from doing the single-arm stretch.  XShot is a light, compact metal rod that extends up to 3 feet with a universal camera attachment. It closes to 9 inches for easy transport in a bag or purse.

Aiming from 3 feet away is like having someone else take the picture and allows you to fit several people and a nice background.  I have so many photos of landscapes from everywhere I travel.  Now it will be nice to get in some of the shots to prove I was actually there.  Extend, Aim, and Smile.  $35