Review: Spine Eyewear

by | Mar 16, 2015 | Technology

Eyeglasses these days seem to be adding tiny screens and cameras to make them more high-tech.  Can’t someone design a pair of glasses that actually stay on your head?  Thank you, REM Eyewear, as they created an innovative hinge and cable system that not only fit any sized head but also stay put when worn.

On most glasses the “arms” are hinged but only move in one direction.  But with the new Spine glasses the hinge is made up of multiple segments held together by a single cable within, allowing the arms to move in, out, and even up and down.

They grip, they flex, and they shut automatically. The grip ensures the frames do not slip down your face, which has already been proven during a recent round of golf.  The company has designed a modern men’s collection designed for everyday wear.  The classic, minimal shapes feature a signature tip and nosepads.

The optical and non-prescription sunglasses sell for around $250.Spine Eyewear

Spine Eyeware 2