Review – Sony SmartWatch

by | Jan 14, 2013 | Technology

For those of you who still wear watches (note: they help tell you the time), here is one that will get you back into the future – or at least the present.  The Sony SmartWatch connects to your phone over Bluetooth while looking sleek and is sure to start conversations.

The SmartWatch is actually a small clip-on device that can attach to a watch strap or worn as an accessory.  It provides quick access to a variety of notifications, including incoming calls, Facebook messages, calendar items, and more.  Some of the apps include a music handler, a remote phone ringer, and a Google Maps app.

There is one power button on the external face, which keeps things classy and simple.  The charge and sync plug is tucked underneath the rear clip, which is nice and out of the way.


Sony SmartWatch