Review – SOL Republic Headphones

by | May 21, 2012 | Technology

Many celebrities now boast their own line of headphones and the good ones tend to set you back more than $100.  SOL Republic is changing that with a line of headphones that deliver very good sound and durability for a more affordable price.

SOL stands for “soundtrack of life” and its line consists of two styles of Amps in-ear headphones and two styles of Tracks on-ear headphones. The Tracks’ headband has a proprietary new polymer called FlexTech, which the company says makes the headphones virtually indestructible.

You will hear deep bass and aggressive sound through these devices and use your cell phone with the built-in microphone.  Now I just need to get them to create a High-Tech Texan version.

$59 Amps in-ear
$129 Track HD on-ear