REVIEW: Maskfone

by | Jan 23, 2021 | Technology

MaskfoneWhen life gives you a pandemic, make a mask phone. Yep, Mother Necessity (actually UK- based Binatone) just released the MaskFone, an interesting mashup of both high- and low-tech.

No more muffled talking through your mask as there is a Bluetooth headset and earbuds sewn into the fabric. The fabric mask takes N95 or PM2.5 disposable filters. A mic is strapped in the face piece via hook-and-loop fasteners and two earbuds hang on wires by the ear loops. The buttons on the mask front need to be aligned with internal mic/volume controller but you can also answer and hang up calls on your phone.

The sound is actually very good when I played music and it alerts you of an incoming call. The mask is comfy with a bendable nose bridge and adjustable ear loops.


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