Review – HTC Windows Phone 8X

by | Jan 14, 2013 | Technology

This seems to be Microsoft’s umpteenth time of releasing a smartphone but they finally hit the nail on the head.  Windows Phone 8 OS is an actual competitor to Android and iOS which now makes your decision on a new phone a bit tougher.

Grab the HTC Windows Phone 8X and your decision may be easier.  It is sleek, smooth and comes in four eye-catching colors.  The screen is gorgeous with a 4.3-inch, Super LCD 2 screen delivering a whopping 341 pixels-per-inch – yes, Apple fans, that’s more than the iPhone 5.

The front-facing camera shoots a high 8 megapixels and the rear camera captures up to 1080 HD video.  Plug in earphones and the Beats Audio sounds phenomenal.  I particularly like the interface with interactive and changeable tiles which makes for quick access to your favorite functions like email or photos.

$199 with two-year contract on T-Mobile

HTC 8x phone