Review – HP Pavilion Touchsmart Sleekbook

by | Apr 15, 2013 | Technology

We are used to touching, pinching and swiping our smartphones so why not interact with our laptop screens the same way?  The new HP Pavilion Sleekbook allows users to do exactly that and delivers a nice Windows 8 experience.

The 15.6” screen is housed in a glossy, black housing weighing 4.6 lbs.  It has a good selection of ports (including Ethernet), a zippy boot time with its AMD chipset and a cool-running chassis. Windows 8 was built primarily for gesture support.  Instead of the touchpad I found it simple to navigate the new OS by touching the screen similar to my smartphone.

The Altec Lansing speaker system packs a punch and the webcam’s 720P resolution makes for smooth video chat sessions.  The Sleekbook can be configured with several levels of memory and drive space but it will turn heads with its decent starting price.


hp pavilion touchsmart sleekbook 1