Review – GoSmart Clip

by | Oct 14, 2012 | Technology

We all know that texting and driving do not mix but a smartphone can be valuable when used safely inside a vehicle.  For example…the GPS mapping feature.  But how do you use your device and keep both hands on the steering wheel?

The GoSmart Clip is one simple way to free your hands and keep your smartphone handy for voice-activated calls or turn-by-turn directions.  The gadget securely fastens to the steering wheel of a car – or a golf or shopping cart – so the driver no longer has to reach across to look for his phone or fish it from the floor after a sudden stop.

Your smartphone is held in place with two “J”-shaped hooks which lock with an easy-release mechanism.  No tools are required for installation as an elastic strap wraps firmly around the steering wheel to hold it in place.

Keep your eyes on the road and your smartphone on the steering wheel.  $25.95

GoSmart Clip Close up on Golf Cart 2