Review – Dropcam HD

by | May 23, 2012 | Technology

Internet cameras aren’t really new but nearly all streaming cameras require some tech savvy to get them up and running.  Dropcam changes that with its wireless Internet-connected camera that streams live video to the web and your smartphone.

The Dropcam HD is a no-setup-required camera that plugs into a power outlet and connects automatically to your WiFi network.  From there, Dropcam provides live streaming, video recording (DVR), and motion/audio alerts.  The alerts are triggered when there is a significant change in the scene.

You can view the stream online via the Dropcam website, view DVR recordings and even share your stream with others.  I particularly like the two-audio feature and the ability to digitally pan and zoom.  Make sure to download the free app on iTunes or Google Play.  $149