RealTruck launches “The Trucket List” with 3 football superstars

by | Nov 17, 2022 | Automotive

So, if you’re longtime reader, listener, and follower of mine you know I’m a big car and truck guy.  For the past 15 years I have been test driving vehicles to give you the inside info on new rides, from big and small.  I appreciate everyone sending me your suggestions as to what you would like to me review and talk about – don’t stop now; keep ‘em coming.

I also recommend some ancillary products for vehicles to you can trick out your ride.  Trucks are very big here in my great state of Texas and I’ve been a fan of as a place to get accessories.  By the way, this is a smart place to start your holiday shopping like right NOW.

RealTruck just launched a new series called “The Trucket List” and I think it is very cool, especially since I’m a huge football fan.  They teamed up with George Kittle, my man Dak Prescott, and Travis Kelce to give three community heroes each a custom-built truck. And one of the recipients is right here in Texas!

The first episode dropped today on so take a few minutes to watch this really cool story.