Radio Show Late Today – Tune In!

by | Jul 6, 2011 | Uncategorized

The Texas Tech Red Raiders are killin’ me with their 11am gametime starts. The 9-5-0 airs their football games which means my normal 11a-2p show gets pushed back to a later start.

So tune in Saturday from 4p-6p as we go live with a slew of informative things. Fake iPods are being sold across Houston and the HPD have seized a few culprits. I commented on Channel 11’s story (by Jeff McShan) Thursday night and will talk about spotting fake electronic gear.

T-Mobile launched the first Google-powered cell phone this week. It’s an alternative to the iPhone and other smartphones. Call me if you have one so we can hear a p-by-p on the gadget.

Don’t want to receive text messages from a certain person. Or would you like to monitor all the texts going to your kids’ (or your spouse’s/employee’s) phones. TextGuard has a new software that lets you block or monitor text messages and it could be a bit controversial with the big brother-type thang.

And guess who is getting a new laptop this week? The HP Mini Note 2133 is coming my way. Tune in for a goodbye party and salute to my old Tablet PC.