Review – Owl 360 Rear View Bicycle Camera

by | Apr 20, 2012 | Technology

What do cars have that bicycles don’t?  Lots of things, actually, but one of those is a rearview mirror.  Mirrors are not practical on most bicycles but you can keep an eye on your rear with the Owl 360.

The Owl 360 consists of a small video camera that attaches to the bike’s seat post, and a 3.5-inch monitor that attaches to the handlebars.  A cord connects the two devices sending a 75° field of view to the monitor.  A rechargeable battery powers both devices for about five hours per charge.

The camera is surrounded by a ring of ten red LEDs, which will automatically start flashing when the built-in light sensor notices that it’s getting dark outside. The handlebar mounting bracket has a hot shoe connection so the monitor can easily be removed before the bike is left unattended.  $199

Owl360 bike camera