Night Strike Swivel

by | Jul 5, 2011 | Uncategorized

fe8b892032eb0a8c786dfcb25427c5460d1761e1Stocking stuffer idea…

Here’s something that not only is useful but also can be a great safety device. The Night Strike Swivel has a bright LED providing up to 100 lumens (think BRIGHT!) of output.

It features 13 lighting modes (high, medium, low settings) for white, green map reading and tracking), red (low-light conditions) and blue (bllod tracking). Each lighting mode has a dedicated switch that can be turned on seperately or in any combination.

I really like the DualDrive Technology which means it can operate on 2 AA batteries or a single AA battery if needed.

Its head swivels 130 degrees and it can survive a 10 foot drop.