More Fill-In For Joe Pags Thursday

by | Jul 6, 2011 | Uncategorized

INTOWN NEW COVERJoe Pags is taking another day off from his afternoon drive time show on The 9-5-0 this Thursday. And back by popular demand to kill, er fill, time from 3p-5p….MOI!

I sat in for Pags on Monday and my originally planned topic of new technology in the Obama administration didn’t sit too well with the right-leaning, conservative, red blooded, Republicans who mostly listen to the station. Maybe this time I will just read the comics aloud.

Any local and topical suggestions are welcome. UTMB laying off so many people? Does anyone realize the Latin Grammy’s are here in our town? Why is still so freakin’ humid in November? TALK TO ME, PEOPLE!

And stand by for my annual High-Tech Texan Holiday Gift Guide. Just a few more days and I will publish my selections for the hottest (and coolest) gift this holiday season. Is there an iPhone killer? Will there be a laptop AND desktop computer in the list year? And what in the world would I suggest with a price tag of $24,000?

Send me any of your last-minute fave suggestions.