Media Helping Ike Survivors

by | Jul 5, 2011 | Uncategorized

I don’t want to toot the horn for all of the local media who have been working non-stop since last week covering Ike. It is our job to work, cover and report on things especially during times of crisis.

The KTRH newsroom has been in constant motion all week as have TV and print newsrooms, news trucks, satellites, printing presses, delivery drivers and more. I’ve seen and heard some great coverage from all media outlets that disect the power outage, PODs, insurance tips and on and on. Expect round-the-clock coverage through the weekend.

Here is one of the more interesting instances of the media helping people one-by-one. Channel 2 had its chief meterologist Frank Billingsley fly over the Galveston in a chopper as he took calls from residents wanting to see their homes (or what is left of their homes). Nice job, Frank.