Logitech Speed Force Wireless Wheel

by | Jul 5, 2011 | Uncategorized

imagesGamers, start your engines. Or at least grab a steering wheel. The popular Nintendo Wii’s unique motion controllers make for fun interaction but until now using the Wiimote to steer a virtual racing automobile has been tough.

Not to outdo the caveman, Logitech created a wireless wheel to give users a more realistic driving experience on the Wii. Easy to set up and store, the Logitech Speed Force Wireless Wheel features a one-piece design that is easy to use whether you’re sitting on your couch, arm chair or living room floor.

It has built-in gas and brake controls which are located on the wheel itself and the expandable lap rest is easily adjusted for game play without the need to use a table or a desk. The wireless link allows for a range of up to 30 feet. Just be sure to strap on your seatbelt.