Live From Reliant Center This Saturday

It’s VDay and there should be no better place to be than to roam the cavernous halls of the Reliant Center, right? If you don’t have a life then come join me and The 9-5-0 broadcast team for a live one from the Texas Home and Garden Show.

We’ll have giveaways – including the famous TrimmerGuard device. Also lots of interactive discussion about online dating sites – has it worked it for you or someone you know? Horror stories? We need to hear them.

Microsoft opening retail stores (bad idea). A new Kindle book reader from Amazon (still don’t need it). A $250k bounty if you can find the Conficker virus author (it was my brother-in-law!).

And a verrrrry special way to end the show tomorrow. Tune in from 11a-2p but make sure you are around the dial for atleast the last few minutes. Radio history….

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