Live Coverage from CES 2017

by | Jan 3, 2017 | Technology

It’s that time of year. Christmas, Halloween, Super Bowl, and your birthday rolled into one.  The International Consumer Electronics Show is this week in Las Vegas and your boy will be there for at least the 12th year in a row trying to guess what the hot products and trends this year will be.  Make sure to follow on Twitter here – @hightechtexan for pics and videos of techie stuff and @iheartvehicles for the latest in automobile innovations.  Facebook Live should also be busy which you can Like and Follow here –

We’ve been sifting through literally hundreds of email press releases these past few weeks and have narrowed our booth visits to maybe 140 or so.  If you see or read something you want us to report on just pop us an email or hit us on Twitter.  Major trends we are seeing now will be in the smart home category – everything from toilets (yep), garbage cans, fridge cams, mesh WiFi networks, security systems and voice activation.  Sports technology will also be big with products that will – allegedly – improve our health, heart rate, libido and maybe grow hair (but who needs more hair?).

And no matter what, tune in to iHeartRadio (worldwide) and KPRC 950AM (Houston) this Saturday at 11a CT for a live “High-Tech Texan Show” from the Vegas Convention Center floor.  We will wrap up our coverage then and take your phone calls with any questions you may have.  Let’s roll!CES