iSafe Bags

by | Jan 7, 2013 | Technology, Travel

isafebagHardware theft continues to be rampant and it is important to protect your laptop, tablet and other gear when traveling.  A company called iSafe has patented several lines of backpacks and bags to alert you if that all-important bag leaves your side.

The iSafe Laptop Messenger Bag comes with a two-speaker alarm and a red strobe light that flashes when a cord is pulled.  Perfect for business professionals and worldwide travelers, one simply needs to carry the bag with a few fingers on the alarm pin.  If the bag is pulled away from the owner, a deafening siren should scare off the mugger and alert passers-by within a few hundred yards.

The messenger bag fits laptops up to 15.6 screens and has plenty of room for all your mobile gear with seven compartments.

The alarm-equipped bags also come sized in school backpacks for younger kids and collegians.  $89.99