Review – iPhone/iPad Blood Pressure Monitor

by | May 20, 2012 | Technology

Trying to figure out a gadget can be frustrating.  In what can be considered an ironic new device you can now monitor your blood pressure on your iPhone or iPad.

Withings makes smart body scales and baby monitors and now offers an automatic cuff inflation and deflation device that measures your blood pressure and pulse.  Wrap the blood pressure monitor around your arm and plug it into your iOS device.  The measurements including the systolic, diastolic blood pressure and BPM, are saved on your iOS device.

You can then browse, zoom, get simple averages of all your blood pressure data in a single place.  Access your stats on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, as well as on your private account, at home or in your office, on Mac or PC.  It is also easy – an d recommended – to share your results with your doctor.  $129