High-Tech Texan Holiday Gift Guide – Day 1

by | Nov 30, 2011 | Technology

MAG COVER1 Let’s get things started with the first of 31 products I have to recommend during the festive month of December 2011.  Like Baskin Robbins, these products each will be a cool, sweet treat that most everyone will want.  And they are fat free.

Travel Vest by Scottevest

We all know what a pain it is to travel nowadays especially when you get to the airport security check in.  It generally takes me about five minutes to get all of my tech gear out of my backpack, carry on bag and my pockets.  Things have gotten a bit easier lately after wearing the hip, new Travel Vest from Scottevest.  I simply take off the vest and send it through the x-ray machine.  Bam!

With different designs for men and women, the Travel Vest is very lightweight while making sure you always look fresh due to its wrinkle and water resistance.  But there is much more than looks to this vest…starting with its 24 mostly-stealth pockets.  You name it and your device will probably fit in the vest.  iPad – check.  Water bottle – check.  Sunglasses – check.

Scottevest has a large line of similar clothing including jackets, hoodies, shirts and pants all designed to hold your gear when traveling across the globe or across the street.  The company’s patented Personal Area Network (PAN) system provides a network of hidden conduits to connect wires to devices while they are in your pockets.   One of the most useful are the Collar Loops – specially positioned loops that hold your earbuds in place while making sure they don’t get tangled around or chaffe your neck.


I have worn other Scottevest items over the past few years like their microfleece pullovers and hidden cargo pants.  The Travel Vest is by far the lightest piece of gear from the company I have tried and it truly holds more gadgets than I actually have.  The sunglasses pocket ensures my glasses don’t get crushed when I sit down and the attached cleaning cloth is a smart idea.  And I still can’t believe the large internal pouch holds a device the size of an iPad or Kindle.  I like putting a magazine (yes, low-tech) or two in there so I don’t have to carry them.

The Travel Vest for Men comes in three colors – navy, black and khaki and costs $125.  Women have their own Travel Vest that has 17 pockets and comes in red, black and gray, also for $125.