High-Tech Texan Holiday Gift Guide – Day 6

by | Dec 6, 2011 | Technology

MAG COVER4Have you ever lost your power cord while traveling?  Don’t answer that and embarrass yourself.  I’ve done it several times which is why I have a few back up power adapters.  But I rarely buy these adapters from the original manufacturer.  So let’s look at one option.

I have been using the PlugBug from twelvesouth as it is small, convenient and has a neat little feature not found on many other adapters.  This feature is very handy if you have a Macbook AND either an iPad, iPod or iPhone.   In any of these cases, you will be impressed with what the PlugBug can do:  piggy-back on a MacBook power adapter and provide both USB charging and MacBook power through a single outlet.  It can also act as a standalone iPad/iPhone charger and offers 10W so that your iPad will charge at full speed.

The twelvesouth peeps designed the PlugBug so you can easily keep both cords wrapped around it while plugged into an outlet.  And if you travel frequently now you need to pack just one charger instead of two.

And if you think the bright red color of the device is a bit loud for the more muted white, silver or black tones of your Apple products, you can be sure you won’t leave the PlugBug behind in a hotel room as it certainly stands out.

The PlugBug runs $34.99 and includes free shipping in the U.S. if you order soon.twelvesouth plugbug hero hires