High-Tech Texan Holiday Gift Guide – Day 10

by | Dec 15, 2011 | Technology

MAG COVER8This may not be the year of the one “must have” gift but it seems there is one product that is being so heavily advertised it is on many wish lists.  And if you like soda and always had the desire to make your own, the SodaStream should be on your list, too.

Though this kitchen gadget may one day be stored in a tucked away cabinet next to that bread maker, waffle iron, mixing bowl and George Foreman grill, the SodaStream is a neat idea for people and families who like soda, energy drinks and tea while also having a conscience with helping the environment and saving money.

The machine comes in six models and colors ranging from plastic bottles to glass carafes.   Prices start at $79 and up to $199.  All models have a modern, slim-design look and indeed can make tasty cold beverages in a matter of minutes.  Fill the bottle with cold water and attach it to the machine which then injects carbonation into the water.  You can stop and drink that carbonated water right there but the fun is just beginning.

SodaStream offers about 60 flavors of soda mix to rival the full product lines of major soda manufacturers.   From cola, cherry cola, Dr. Pete’s (think Dr. Pepper), Ginger Ale, grape, and lemon-line flavors to green tea, peach iced tea and pomegranate-peach tea, you can appease almost any taste bud.  The flavor mixes are sold at retailers like Bed, Beth & Beyond and Macy’s so it is easy to restock your cabinet.  To make each drink simply add a capful of your favorite flavor to the carbonated water.  Gently shake the bottle and pour over ice.

The mix flavors are about $5 per bottle and make the equivalent of 33 cans of soda.Sodastream

The company is generous with the facts of how its product helps the environment by helping reduce the production of new soda bottles and cans (460 billion cans and bottle are manufactured worldwide each year).  It also touts that making your own soda at home can also save you from lugging around heavy bottles from the store to your home.

Oh yeah, the taste?   Most of the flavors my family tried are pretty good.  My kids seem to have fun making the soda and have even come up with a money-making idea.  Instead of selling lemonade or snowcones next summer, be on the lookout for the Garfield Boys Soda Shop.  They have to start their college funds somehow.