Half Marathon Is Ovah And I Am Spent!

by | Jul 6, 2011 | Uncategorized

IMG 0423The first few weeks of each new year usually are a blur to me. A few days after the ball drops I find myself cheering and celebrating a Longhorns bowl win. I then jet off to Las Vegas for the huge Consumer Electronics Show – a tiring 4 days of walking, talking, meeting, greeting and traveling.

If that doesn’t take enough out of me I then have to do my final prepping (hydrating, carbo-loading) for the Aramco Houston Half Marathon the following weekend. That weekend has come and gone and now, just now, I can move forward with the new year.

We broadcasted our show on Saturday from the marathon Expo at the GRB. Aramco Services was kind enough to host our radio team and we met a lot of the 25,000 or so runners who planned to pound the pavement the next day.


Garf pic 19

ay morning came and 1:41:47after the start gun fired I crossed the finish line. If you’re keeping stats that’s a whopping 7 minutes faster than my time in last year’s race.

Back to regular programming next week…