Finally! My Own Signature Line of Headphones (kinda)

by | Jul 25, 2012 | Technology

I still get a thrill out of receiving packages from PR companies.  I never know what to expect when I open them.  Sometimes it is a simple press kit with boring info; other times I will find some cool product that I can talk about and recommend to my listeners, viewers and readers.  Like junk mail, PR companies want us to open the packages and take a long look at the product and info.

I received a package recently from the folks at Nicoll Public Relations and upon opening it I must say it caught my eye and even made me let out a “wow!”  Nicoll represents – among other companies – Bowers & Wilkins, a company with great speakers, headphones and car audio.  Tell me THIS would not catch your eye:

BW package open

I’d like to think Bowers & Wilkins licensed my name and is selling these new P3 headphones to the public but I need to keep dreaming (and hoping one day I will have a line like Dr. Dre, 50 Cent and Ludacris).

I quickly took these cool babies out of the box a few minutes before my radio show and put them to the test.  Within a few minutes I realized that these will be my fave pair of headphones (at least I really get my own signature line).  They are very light. They sound is awesome. And they fold into a small form factor for simple traveling.  They retail for $199.99. These things are so comfy I’m thinking of extending my daily show from 2 to 3 hours.

Stay tuned for a more in-depth review.  But so far so good.

Bowers Wilkins P31