Day 1 At Ces Is Ovah

by | Jul 6, 2011 | Uncategorized

3D PC glasses 2Loooong day in Vegas. This show can kill ya. Miles and miles of aisles in the LV Convention Center. I spent almost 7 hours in that cavernous place and barely scratched the surface of seeing and meeting all the exhibiting companies.

A few trends I noticed:

The economy is cutting in to the attendance; both exhibitors and attendees. Traffic near the convention center was smoother than in years past. People traffic in the aisles seemed lighter. There was much less press releases and media folks in the press room.

Thin is in. LG, Sony, Panasonic and other companies rolled out some razor thin LCD TVs it was hard to take photos of them from the side. They are expensive but very sexy.

Wireless continues to cut those cords. Wireless power charging, wireless auto Internet, wireless home door locks. We don’t like cables but these new wireless devices to come down in price before they take off.

Green is good. Companies are now touting their lower watt-usage on TVs and other appliances. Still not sure exactly how much one can save on watching a TV that consumes 125 watts vs. 185 but it could be a sharp marketing move.

I haven’t seen anything that is absolutely a must-have or killer device. But I did have some awesome tortellini Thursday night that I will remember for quite a while.

If you are my FaceBook friend you should be seeing some of the photos I have been uploading from the show. If you aren’t; come on…let’s be BFF!

– Michael Garfield | High Tech Texan