An Alternative Speaker To Amazon’s Devices

by | Oct 14, 2018 | Technology

fabriqueAlexa is everywhere and most everyone assumes that to utilize that voice-enabled assistant one would need an Amazon Echo or Dot.  Not so fast.  There are other devices on the market that utilize the Alexa operating system while also giving you other interesting features.

One example is Fabriq, a Bluetooth/wireless smart speaker that is an alternative to the Amazon devices.  The speakers are customizable with different patterns on the outside that make them personable.  The bright colors and decorations are unique so no matter if your kid wants to spice up her college dorm room or you want a little color in your office, there is a Fabriq for everyone.

You can connect 10 Chorus units throughout your home so you can create a whole-house music system.  Set up is easy as you simply connect the device to a WiFi network.

The Chorus is priced at $99.99 and the smaller Riff is $49.99.  Each can be bought online at and

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