A Gift He Will Definitely Use Daily

by | Nov 27, 2018 | Lifestyle

Helmm4I love me some subscription boxes.  From beer-of-the-month clubs to food services like Blue Apron, it is pretty cool to receive packages on a regular basis with things you need and sometimes don’t need.

Deodorant is something that falls into the former category.  Everyone needs help in smelling clean along with anti-perspirant.  Helmm is a product that smells great, looks good and really works.

I received a starter box from the company and it felt like I was opening a long, lost treasure box.  Smartly designed and packaged, there sat the holy grail of men’s beauty – a leather-bound cannister with a glistening, nickel-plated top and bottom.  This is not your ordinary deodorant where you roll it on and toss the bottle when done.  Helmm is a device that uses refillable cartridges.  Simply click one in and you are ready to roll it on.Helmm3

Helmm has a proprietary formula free of parabens, talc, sulfates and aluminum.  Sign up for  subscription and a new cartridge will arrive at your door once every 6-8 weeks.  I am particularly fond of the Trailblazer scent (crisp, cool, adventurous!) but it also comes in 3 more options.Helmm1

The starter kit runs $25 and comes with one container, one cartridge and a subscription that can be canceled at any time.

Now you – or the guy in your life – can smell good with no sweat of running out to the store for a new bottle.  Listen to my thoughts below as heard on “The High-Tech Texan Show” on iHeartRadio: