This is THE Week

Pretty smart, Microsoft.  You guys are sneaky smart.  Perfect timing to release info about a security hole in Internet Explorer.   Totally takes the spotlight away from Apple and its big new product release this Friday.  I’ve received more press requests to comment on the IE issue than I have for the iPhone 5.

Highlights:  a security flaw in IE 6, 7, 8, 9; Windows XP, Vista and 7, puts users at risk of an attack that could result in the remote control of their computers. Very few people have been affected but security experts – and apparently the Germans – are saying do not use IE until a patch is issued.

Bottom line:  Open Google Chrome for the first time ever since downloading it last year.  Its in your computer somewhere.  Actually not that bad a browser.  Microsoft is expected to push a patch update any day now.

Oh, I’m guessing Apple is still going through with its new iPhone launch on Friday morning.  Personally I would rather wait in line this Friday for the new Trader Joe’s to open in midtown Houston (now THAT is something new and fresh).  A few early reviews have been published by the usual suspects (one day Apple may realize that my 5,000 watt radio station is just as all powerful than the New York Times and USA Today combined).

Highlights:  Blah, blah, the iPhone 5 is cool.  Blah, blah, lust.  Blah, large screen.  Blah, thin.  Finally, the (blah) iPhone we’ve always wanted.  Blah, blah.   (I can only speculate but if one day David Pogue, Ed Baig, et al, ever happen to dis an Apple product then that would be the point where Apple ships a demo unit down here to me)

Apple did give the world an early gift today when they released iOS 6.  I downloaded the update to my spankin’ iPhone 3Gs and it worked like a charm.  By charm I mean that my phone didn’t blow up and still has no need for the new Facetime features since the version I have doesn’t have a front-facing camera.  The update allegedly has over 200 new features.  I think I have counted 3 so far but I’m still playing with it.  To download the upgrade simply plug in your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and iTunes should offer the free download.

Speaking of cell phones, here is some good news.  Apparently we will be allowed to use our phones on flights “someday,” says the FAA.  SOMEDAY.  Awesome.  I also will own a yacht, run a sub-3 hour marathon and cure male pattern baldness.  SOMEDAY.  Thank you, government.

Certainly we will be discussing these and other fun topics on my radio show this Saturday afternoon.  In the meantime I now have to go find a website that is not presold out of Wii U units or my kids will really be pissed at me.

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