Imagine if Facebook had a baby with Napster.  That is easiest way to describe Spotify – the newest online music service that allows users to listen to songs for free.

Spotify lets you listen to any song in the Spotify library — anytime you want.  It’s kind of like iTunes as you can search for what you want, set up playlists, and sort by artist or album or genre. The difference is that instead of drawing only from your own music library, you have access to all of Spotify’s 15 million song library.

You can use Spotify for free, or you can pay for their premium subscription service. There are two paid tiers: a $4.99-per-month subscription that gives you songs without ads and a $9.99 premium subscription that comes with additional features like improved sound quality, access to mobile apps and offline use.

Spotify also has a neat social sharing feature that lets you easily see what your friends are listening to, publish playlists for others to enjoy and share music.

PRICE: Free and monthly tiered services

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