Prime Living Magazine article DONE!

Between you and me, one of my least fave things to do is to write my monthly magazine columns. Prime Living Magazine and 002 Houston are both very nice glossy mags with high circulations. I have written columns in each mag for several years now – mostly product reviews.

I enjoy writing in my funny, semi-cocky, wink-wink style but it takes SO LONG. Seriously. Sometimes it takes me 2 hours to write 500 words. I can do my radio show in that that time and cover a ton of more info.

But, alas, I locked myself in my burnt orange painted home office and kicked out a new column for the Nov/Dec issue of Prime Living. I offered my suggestions on tips to buying a tablet. Actually I said DON’T buy one but some people just want to get one of those “in-betweeners.” I’ll give you a sneak peek of the column here soon.

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