Pass The Soap

Just got back from a few trips to the left coast.   Los Angeles and Cabo, Mexico.  Interestingly enough both of those cities seem to utilize the same language (but we can get into that another time).

We broadcasted several of my shows from Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos resort.  It was pretty hot down there but the worst part was returning to Houston where it was HOTTER.  Let’s get this summer ovah now, por favor.

If you have been tuning in recently you surely know about my upcoming appearance on “General Hospital.”  I was in LA for a few days taping some episodes which should begin airing on or around September 20.  Had a blast and I got to act with Academy Award nominee, actor and Oscar co-host James Franco.  That’s all I can say right now but keep checking back as we get closer to air date for more inside info.

Hung out all ovah LA that weekend with a buddy of mine.  We hit a Dodgers game as they were ironically playing the Astros (guess who lost?); downtown LA Live! around the Staples Center (great entertainment complex); Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Culver City and more.  Weather was incredible and the prices were high.  But everyone seems so happy out there.

So where should I go next?  Stand by…working on a deal to go east.  Way east.   Like Middle East.

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