New Iphone 3g S Coming June 19

The S stands for Speed but some iPhone users will be Surprised to learn some of the new features will not be launched when it goes on sale.

Apple announced new hardware and an upgraded OS software (v 3.0) at the company’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference today.

[from wire reports]
It’s got the same design and pricing as the current iPhone 3G model, but has a faster processor that Apple says will load most apps somewhere between 3 to 5 times faster. It also comes in improved capacities, all the way up to 32GB up from 16GB.

The 3G S has an updated 3-megapixel camera (up from 2 megapixels) that has autofocus and autoexposure. It can also shoot video that can be edited right on the device in a similar fashion to iMovie. The video it takes is 30 frames per second at 640×480 VGA resolution, bringing it to spec with most point-and-shoot digital cameras.

The 3G S hardware also gets a magnetometer, which will allow the device to tell what direction it’s pointed in. To go along with this, there’s a new compass app that will act just like a normal compass. Users with the 3G S will get additional features in the Google Maps application that show which direction they’re facing.

Apple also added built-in voice control that can start calls, find songs, and other information on the phone. The iPhone has long been criticized for not having voice support.

This device will come in two flavors a 16GB model that will cost $199 with a two year contract and a 32GB model that will cost $299 with a two year contract. AT&T and Apple will also continue to sell the 8GB iPhone 3G announced last year for $99 with a two year contract. Older 16GB iPhone 3Gs will be available for $149 with a two year contract until stock of that device runs out.

Apple announced that iPhone OS 3.0 will be available worldwide June 17 as a free update to iPhone customers, and as a $9.95 update for iPod Touch owners.

Newly announced was data tethering over USB and Bluetooth is coming as part of the software update; however it will require carrier support, which means some carriers may not allow it. iPhone users across the U.S. were disappointed Monday to learn that AT&T, the only operator in the U.S. offering the iPhone, won’t immediately support a couple of key new features in Apple’s new 3.0 OS that will be available starting next week. But AT&T says these features are coming.

Users can now rent and purchase movies from the phone. This also works for TV shows. Previously you had to do this on iTunes proper, then sync.

There’s a new feature called “Find My iPhone” that will be available only for MobileMe users. It tracks down where your phone is on a map and gives you the option display a message and even perform a remote wipe.

So, do you plan to go out and get a new iPhone?

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