Looxcie Wearable Video Cam

I first saw the Looxcie video cam about a year ago and got a kick out of the unique idea of wearing a small Bluetooth camera on your ear to capture everything that you see.  It was a bit too large and heavy but I figured the second version would have more improvements. Ta Da!

The new Looxcie 2 is lighter and easier to use so be careful if you see me wearing this.  I may not be on the phone but rather capturing video of everything in my sight.  It does act as a typical Bluetooth headset for hands-free phone conversation but primary use is for capturing hands-free video.

This new model can store up to 10 hours of 320p video and has the capability of instantly sharing video clips with others via email, Facebook and Twitter.

The coolest feature of the Looxcie is the free app that can be downloaded to an iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone.  When Looxcie is connected to your Bluetooth smartphone the app acts as a viewfinder so you can see what the camera is capturing and then quickly edit the video.


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