Just posted a boatload of product reviews

Amazing what you can do if you find a little spare time in life.  Thanks to the Astros’ broadcast today I got a day off (we moved Rush Limbaugh into my regular spot).  Started the morn with 18 holes of golf.  Followed that up with a power protein shake.  Then popped an ADHD pill so I could concentrate and publish some product reviews that I have been meaning to do for like 4 months.

Check them out here.  These are products that I recently played with and tested for my magazine columns and radio shows.  If you are looking for a smartphone, case, headphones, wireless surveillance cams, keyboards and even some bike gear, then you are in luck.  Much more to come.

Taking the kids to the media sneak preview of Brave tonight.  May have to pop another pill.  Just bloggin’.

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