It’s General Hospital Week!

Here we go. This is the week. Unless you can get off work between 2p-3p CT I would suggest setting your DVRs to record General Hospital on ABC.

It’s been well-documented HERE and HERE that I will appear in some scenes with James Franco during this upcoming story arc.  To promote the Jason-Samantha wedding story (and my soap opera debut) we have lined up GH Exective Producer Jill Phelps and actress Kelly Monaco (who plays Samantha).

I’m looking to all GH fans to send me a few questions that you would like me to ask each of them.  Email me a question HERE. I will credit you with an on-air shout out should your question be used.

And the most surreal part of this experience yet…I made the supermarket tabloids.   From this week’s “ABC Soaps In Depth”:

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