iOS 5 download issues; Blackberry worse issues

Big day in handheld devices.  Apple released iOS 5 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.  Something like 430 million peeps tried download it simultaneously this afternoon and there was a bog down.  Slow download speeds and then many people experienced a “3200 error” when trying to install the new OS.  I first had to update my iTunes to 10.5, RESTART my computer and then download iOS5 for my iPhone.  For some reason I had to restore my iPhone and then reinstall everything from a backup.  Got it working and spent most of the evening learning some of the new features.

Many apps were also updated including Facebook.  I like the new look of it.  And I’m pretty impressed with the highly-touted iCloud…don’t think I am going to worry about losing my iPhone any more with the “Find my iPhone” feature.  Newsstand is new and based on the iPad app.  Not bad but I already got tricked into subscribing to a newspaper that supposedly was free but was actually $14.95/month.

In other smartphone news, the Blackberry doesn’t seem so smart.  The worldwide glitch hit Day #3 today and it didn’t seem too funny when several guys in my office talked of throwing their BB devices out the window.  I did about 4 radio interviews across Texas with comments and updates on the internal server glitch and I will be in studio Thursday morning at 8:45am on 740 KTRH in Houston.  This was horrible timing for Research in Motion as the new iPhone 4S hits stores on Friday.  My guess is this was the last straw for many Blackberry users and companies who use the device.  Blackberry was one of the greatest technological inventions of the 21st century with a market share close to 46% of worldwide mobile devices just a few years ago.  It now hovers around 12% with calls for ousters of its leadership.  This could be one of the nails in its coffins.

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