I Don’t Do Windows…8

So Microsoft is dropping its latest operating system on Friday, October 26.  The company seems to be betting the farm (or a heckuva lot of it) on this upgrade and hoping the world changes over from 7 to 8.  Or even Vista to 8.  The new OS has been beta tested for months and the buzz from users seems to be all over the place from “confusing” to “painful to use“.

You know me and how I operate when it comes to product and gadget reviews.  I keep it simple and try to speak in terms that consumers of all ages can understand.  While I look under the hood of everything and could break things down by megabyte, kilohertz, and watt, I simply try to explain the pluses and minuses of the product and why I would or would not recommend it.  Sometimes it is very simple and for that I thank the companies themselves and sometimes their PR firms.  Other times the writing is on the wall on why I don’t hear from those companies.  Yes, the age-old “Michael Garfield Dog-of-a-Movie Release Theory”.  Let me refresh your minds…

When a movie studio knows they have a crappy film on their hands they do not screen it for movie critics a few days before its release. They just release the film in hopes of a big first weekend so movie-goers won’t see the horrible review it would have received.  Same thing here.   When companies and PR firms don’t want some reviewers (with a large radio audience, syndicated TV segments, magazine columns and big social network feeds) to see its product before release, its usually in fear of a “thumbs down” recommendation.

Such is my theory with Windows 8.

Back story: I used to work for Microsoft.  I still have the chip embedded in my brain that Bill Gates implanted.  I use Microsoft products and generally don’t even look at Apple OS products because I have confidence in Microsoft. Plus 85% of my audience (and the world) use its’ OS.  Most all Microsoft products will get my endorsement because I honestly like the user experience.

But as the launch date for Windows 8 is now just a few hours away, I have yet to receive an RTM (release-to-manufacturer) copy of the OS that I received for its past three iterations.  I finally heard from the PR firm handing the product launch just this morning offering me a hands-on demo of Window 8 on or around November 12.  Two weeks AFTER its launch.  Thanks but no thanks.

The way I read this:  someone is not too confident that I will appreciate the new software and the only way I would understand the full intricacy of the product is to sit down “for a few hours” with a Microsoft rep and have it explained to me.

Seriously?  Let me help you out…if I have to read directions or have something explained to me then very few people in the marketplace are going to understand that product without a lot of reading and learning.  It is my job to quickly realize how a product works, its benefits, and ease of use.  Apparently one needs a doctorate degree or a handheld, private lesson on how to use Windows 8.   Good luck with that, Microsoft.

Yes I have seen demos online and a quick hands-on with an IT buddy’s beta copy a few weeks ago.  It is a drastic change – mostly in looks and user interaction – from what the world has been using on previous Windows OS computers.  But since Microsoft didn’t see fit to send out any – or many – media review copies I can only speculate that my “Dog-of-a-release Movie Theory” holds true.  They are hoping to sell as many copies as possible without users fully reading expert opinions on the product.

So for that I apologize for not providing a full review or recommendation of the huge new product that allegedly will make computing an easier and more fun experience.

Maybe its time to see what the folks in Cupertino are up to.  But until then I will continue to use my current Microsoft OS and remain satisfied.  7 is Heaven.

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