High-Tech Holiday Gift Guide Coming To Town

Let the shopping season begin.  No Black Friday lines for me as I really didn’t see anything that pumped me up or needed.  How many flat screens does a person need?  Is it worth standing in line for hours to save a few bucks?  Something tells me there will be plenty of items to go around this holiday season (ok, maybe not the Wii U) so simmer down and just look for good deals online or in your fave store.

I’m putting the finishing touches on my annual High-Tech Texan Holiday Gift Guide to help you decide on what to get – and what not to get.  I remember the good ol’ days when computers and laptops and cameras used to take up slots.  These items have almost become commodities nowadays making way for smartphones and tablets.  I will have my favorites of these and you may be surprised at my choices.  One last minute entry impressed me very much so definitely keep an eye on my smartphone recommendations.

I will be supporting this my Guide with a media tour again this year.  I have already contributed radio sound bites to Houston, Dallas, New Orleans, Phoenix, Miami and San Antonio.  The full list will debut this Saturday on my High-Tech Texan Show in Houston on The 9-5-0 and heard around the world live on iHeartRadio.  Martha Stewart Living Radio on SiriusXM is up early next week followed by more radio and TV appearances.

Tune in and get your credit card ready.

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