High-Tech Texas Rangers

So I went to my first World Series last Monday at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Texas.  Game 5 ended up being a humdinger with Mike Napoli slapping a huge double in the 8th inning for the go ahead run.  Rangers won 4-2!

At some point in life people may not believe that I attended the game but thanks to a very high-tech and hi-res photo I can now prove I was there.  Take a look at this

MLB has taken some absolutely massive panoramic photos of each stadium — and they’ve taken them at high enough resolution that you can zoom in and see each and every fan.

The site has also integrated support for Facebook Connect, so even if you didn’t get to attend one of the playoff games, you can sign in and see if any of your friends have been tagged in the photo. It sounds silly, but it’s surprisingly fun to see a shot of your friend mid-hot dog – or mid-text in my case –  surrounded by a sea of other fans.

The panoramic photos are actually made up of hundreds of smaller photos, which were taken over a 20 minute span at each game.

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