Friday the 13th. Lost Your Cell Phone?

Friday the 13th is a date synonymous with bad luck, superstition, fears and phobias. Spiders, broken mirrors, heights and clowns are scary, but for many, great fear and anxiety is caused by being separated from our mobile phones! Don’t laugh, Nomophobia is real!  So real, it now is a formalized entry in both The Urban Dictionary and Wikipedia.

It’s not a huge surprise that we’re attached to our smartphones, as they have become as much a part of our daily ritual as leaving home with our car keys, glasses or pants.  A recent survey by Kelton Research came up with some interesting findings, including:

  • Nearly half of Americans would miss their phone within an hour of being apart from it;
  • 11% of Americans would rather leave home without their pants than their phone;
  • 55% of women would rather leave home without makeup;
  • 63% would rifle through the garbage to retrieve a lost phone; and
  • 25% of Americans would physically fight a thief to get their phone back.

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