CES 2012 is ovah!!

4 days in Vegas.  7.394 miles of walking the convention floor (thank you, Fitbit).  14 parties.  1.5 liters of bourbon (conservatively).  8 hours of live radio.  121 business cards.  3 suitcases of demo gear.  At least 3 months of content for radio, TV, print and web.

These are just some of the numbers I realized last week while at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show.  It’s like Super Bowl week for me with so many meetings and introductions with tech companies from across the world.  If you tuned in to my show across Texas or around the world via iHeartRadio, thank you for tuning in and having some fun with us.  We showcased dozens of new products from Schick vibrating razors to DSLR cameras that fit in your pocket.  3D OLED TV sets to credit card-reading apps.  If you followed my Facebook or Twitter pages you didn’t miss a beat.

It was almost as fun meeting the celebs who were paid lots of moolah to (mostly) pretend they liked or even understood what a specific tech product did.  Justin Bieber couldn’t fit me in his schedule but I did enjoy hanging with folks like Carly Fowlkes (who?  Oh yeah…the cute, T-Mobile chick always dressed in pink), Xzibit (Pimp my new headphones!), Michelle Beadle (ESPN SportsNation that was taping there – Hook ’em Horns!), Mark Steines (Entertainment Tonight host who said I was his younger brother), and Stephen Baldwin (whose brother I would not want to be – any of them), among others. [can someone please help me pick up all these names I just dropped?!?!?]

I will be recapping all the hot products I saw (and will continue to receive from nice PR folks) over the next few weeks on my shows and syndicated segments.  Tune in to find out more and possibly win one of the things I picked up.   I got a lot of razors and iPhone covers.

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